“Tones of Beauty” at Cosmoprof Bologna 2017

Multicultural Beauty With “Tones Of Beauty” at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the leading international exhibition for beauty trends organized by Bologna Fiere Group, celebrated its 50th anniversary. As one of the main initiatives, the first edition of Tones of Beauty, a multicultural beauty showcase.

Tones of Beauty have been held inside COSMOPRIME, a preview of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017 in conjunction with Cosmopack. It hosted international companies with a strong focus on retail. Tones of Beauty took to Italy for the first time ever the best brands of “Black & Brown” beauty products, involving all the sectors of the industry and continuing a project which began two years ago at Cosmoprof North America.


The initiative enjoyed the collaboration of love, Aunt Bonnie, a US-based global media platform focused on communication and marketing strategy for black and brown beauty brands. "I’m very excited to introduce a handful of game-changing black & brown brands that have been long deserving of the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna platform – says Corey Huggins, founder and CEO of love, Aunt Bonnie.
Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna confirms its role as international hub for the most influencing beauty trends and it provides the best solutions to the specific needs and changes involving the key markets, with new business opportunities for all the players of the cosmetic industry.
The development of multicultural beauty responds to the fast-changing populations and the increasing immigration in mature markets, to expanding middle - classes and higher women’s education in emerging markets. According to recent studies lead by the United Nations, African people are the fastest growing population in the world and by 2100 nearly 40% of the world’s population will be of African descent. This peculiar segment is growing especially in the USA, where it represents 3,7% of the global beauty market. Black and brown women spend 80% more on cosmetics and nearly twice as much on skincare products than other customers categories. The black hair care market is supposed to reach up to 876 billion dollars by 2019.
From brands’ perspective, multicultural beauty is a new vector of growth. Developing products for a broader range of hair and skin types addressed to non-Caucasian customers helps companies focusing on more personalized textures and formulas, covering the specific need of all customers.

love, Aunt Bonnie
love, Aunt Bonnie is the first global platform 'supports beauty' that connects brands with a multi-ethnic audience. Care of all aspects of the beauty brand development "Black & Brown", by the beauty box limited edition at editorial coverage. love, Aunt Bonnie comes as "godmother of beauty, a guide for dark-skinned women to awareness of their beauty". Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna partnered with love, Aunt Bonnie to ensure authenticity and relevancy in the brand selection process for Tones of Beauty. Please find further information on http://loveauntbonnie.com