Cosmax @ Cosmopack 2018

COSMAX is the global top cosmetic original development & design manufacturer equipped with international standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ECOCERT, OHSAS18001, and CGMP.
We have been doing business as one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in Korea for 25 years, and our products are highly evaluated both in Korea and overseas. Last year, the number of COSMAX’s cosmetic product units manufactured in Korea, China, the USA and Indonesia factories exceeded 600 million. Also, COSMAX has been passed the quality audits from many global leading companies. “Quality First” is always our top priority in our business.

To continue providing the best quality products to the clients and customers, we have more focuses on our 350-strong staff of research and development. We are investing at least 5% or more of the total revenues in R&D. Through this advanced production and Quality Control System, our products have been most welcomed by all around the world.

Mr Kyungsoo Lee, CEO and Chairman of COSMAX, talks about the company:

Why is it important for Cosmax to take part in Cosmopack?
COSMAX has been embracing an export priority policy since its establishment. In order to increase domestic export, COSMAX regularly participates in major beauty exhibitions around the world. We also participated Cosmoprof Bologna this year and proposed new products that caught the attention of people from all over the world. Cosmopack is important for us because we want to expand our market to all over Europe.
Although we have top-tier customers based on Europe, the customer base is limited compared to other regions like Asia.

Cosmopack is the oldest and the most recognized event for the cosmetic industry, and we want to pioneer the global market by introducing new technology at Cosmopack.

Which products are you going to bring to the show: the most trendy product lines for nowadays market to the show? What are we going to see in your booth?

We have not decided exact details yet what we are going to display at the show. But our world-class products, such as ‘Next Cushion’, ‘the most recent Sunscreen formula’, ‘Hybrid formula between skincare & make up’, and new make up trend items will be displayed in spacious booth and we are sure that our products will assist you to have better understanding of COSMAX.

Good, Different and Beautiful. As we can read from your website, this is your vision. Can you explain us, how do you apply this vision to your company?

Good, Difference, and Beauty’ have been based on the spirit of three apples of COSMAX. ‘Good’, stands for ‘Eve’s apple’ which taught humans about good and evil, and represents principles and rules for maintaining an honest company. ‘Difference’ stands for ‘Newton’s apple’ which symbolizes inquisitiveness. ‘Beauty’ stands for the ‘Apple of Beauty’, given to Aphrodite and represents the company’s mission to beautify the world. With the spirit of three apples, COSMAX supplies top quality products to customers and has become the Global No.1 Company in the industry.

COSMAX refuses to rest on its laurels, however, and remains committed to achieve its dream to replace “Made in France” beauty products with “Made in Korea” as top quality brands.