New advertising campaign for Cosmoprof Network

Cosmoprof presents the new advertising campaign for the next editions, created by Heads Collective.

The images evoke the idea of beauty without borders, reflecting an open, multicultural society, with models of different ethnic origin photographed by Emilio Tini with painted faces and bodies. This playful use of make-up, almost creating works of body art, produces an unsettling visual effect, part of a dialogue between fiction and reality, between the real faces and the painted ones.

Each of us has a personality with many different aspects which make-up can either hide or bring out and emphasise. The colours represent the different editions of Cosmoprof: lilac for Bologna, green for Las Vegas, red for Hong Kong and yellow for the new Mumbai edition.

In the 2019 edition the campaign will focus on single portraits, while in the 2020 edition the use of paired shots will intensify the effect, blurring the boundaries between the natural and the artificial.

The same interplay of shapes and colours is at the heart of the campaign video, directed by Francesco Meneghini, with close-ups and large-scale shots of the models emphasising the transitions between the made-up part and the natural part of their faces.

In keeping with the Cosmoprof campaigns, Heads has developed the image for Cosmopack, the fair dedicated to packaging and raw materials, taking the colours used for the models and applying them to images of boxes.

This is a major undertaking, with seven press advertisements, eight video spots and two backstage films being produced for a multi-channel campaign which will be launched next year on television, in the press, on billboards, on the radio and on digital media.