Cosmoprime - Hall 19 -  16-19 March 2017


2017 is the year of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna’s 50th birthday. What better way to celebrate than by demonstrating the magic involved in producing a perfume?

A fragrance created from an extraordinary combination of raw materials, expertly blended by Luca Maffei, AFM’s young “nose”, in a special partnership with the Accademia del profumo and all the fragrance houses.

Liquids take the shape of their containers, which is another amazing piece of magic. Both the bottle produced by Bormioli Luigi for this 50th anniversary and the colour of its specially patented contents were exclusive to this occasion. An original bottle like this needs a top to enhance the overall effect. Candiani, with their renowned craftsmanship and attention to detail, have created a cap to unite the fragrance and the bottle. And using the innovative Aptar nozzle brought even more magic.

Let’s not forget that this magic needs to be protected and nurtured. Who better than Pusterla 1880 and Industrial Box to endow the packaging with a sense of protection that transcends its important communication role?

None of this could exist without technology: the machinery, factories and automation solutions which help affirm that Cosmoprof is the only trade fair in the world able to fulfil the dream of a live perfume while hosting professionals from the sector. In 2017 we had Coven and IMA spa, leaders in the field which have been with us for almost 50 years.

ICR, with its international experience, was facilitated and displayed all the steps in the supply chain production process at the fair.

Cosmoprof Perfume Factory carried out Carbon footprint certification in partnership with Certiquality.

Take a sneak peek into the industrial process of making a perfume. Watch the video!