Cosmoprof presented “The Lipstick Factory”, an all-Italian story, an installation showing how a lipstick is made: a journey highlighting all the steps that contribute to its creation.
A fascinating journey into the heart of the development and production of one of our oldest and most historic cosmetic products: from the meticulous search for raw materials and the process of mixing them together to the technological demonstration of pouring the mixture into the tube, from the special finish to the pouch-making machine and the lasering process.

The Cosmoprof-branded lipstick produced at the fair was a limited edition: each one of the 5,000 pieces made during the three days of Cosmopack was unique, just like the Made in Italy brand which characterises it. And our motto was the traditional motto of the industry: “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” Cosmoprof would like to thank the companies which have taken part in this initiative and pay tribute to their innate and proverbial flair for research and development:
Alma Cosmetics, Citus, Coesia Group, For lab Italia, Inca Cosmetics, Intercosmografica, IDM Automation, Omnicos Group, TGM.