2015 – Mascara Factory

The Cosmopack Factory project will be continuing this year. This special exhibition area is where the magic of production is reproduced live in order to show visitors and buyers the creative journey of the world’s most famous and widely distributed beauty products.

The project began with the undisputed essential make-up item, lipstick, then turned to the technological development of classic face powder the following year, and now Cosmopack 2015 will be revealing the secrets of perfect mascara.

The Mascara Factory in Pavilion 15A will unveil the production chain for mascara, without a doubt the most difficult make-up product because the combination of brush, packaging and formula needs to be perfectly balanced.

The Cosmopack limited edition Mascara will be produced with reduced CO2 emissions to underline the fair’s commitment to environmental sustainability.


The companies involved in this initiative are examples of undisputed worldwide excellence in the sector:

Ancorotti - Formula

Brivaplast - Bottle/Cap/Wiper

Omas tecnosistemi - Making & Filling

Famar - Wrapping

Pusterla 1880 - Paper and Folding Box

Cavalieri & Amoretti - Paper and Folding Box limited edition

Mettler Toledo - Equipment quality control

Certiquality - Certifying Body