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HALL 18/D32-E13


Baralan presents the new overcap, LINK with a simple and original design. LINK is an innovative overcap which satisfies the needs of a market increasingly looking for solutions of multiple packaging. This overcap has an interlocking system which allows one to create different colors and product combinations from two, three, to four or more solutions. LINK is suitable with Baralan MINA bottles of 8,0 and 10,0 ml and different accessories for nail polish and MakeUp. LINK allows the user to create endless combinations of products for a market which is constantly looking for more  personalization in it's packaging. Through a system of interlocking overcaps it is possible to create a multiple set. By using the hooks around the overcap it is possible to build a packaging set with different shapes: from line to rectangular and square, to everything your creativity can imagine. 

LINK offers the endless possibility of product personalization. To the Brands it gives an unique presentation opportunity for the launch in the market for multiple and combined products. To the customers it gives the freedom to compose its own set of products as they like. LINK is presented for The Wall Award with different color combinations and decorations that evoke lights, emotions and feeling of an urban mood. Its shape recalls the urban skyline, and thanks to the interlocking system, you can create different packaging sets reminiscent of modern urban landscapes.