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It’s a tech-new cosmetic I-packaging designed to transform the texture of a face or eye compact stick into soft powder, by twisting it. It’s a patented twist-grinder with a cylindric shape transforming the product texture into another one, for better and more performing application. A net based on the top can be tailored for different product formulations. STARSCRAPER is a packaging, available in 2 different sizes (or eyes or face product). By holding and twisting, you obtain a soft beauty powder. This is collected in a clean way, easy to be applied with no waste.

STARSCRAPER is a I-packaging. Easy to obtain the right and precise quantity of product wih no more waste and keeping everything clean. With its precision of dose, the product obtained can be directly applied or mixed with another colour with no waste. Starscraper gives the benefit of a clean and easy PRO-application using a brush by transforming the texture of a product into another one with great writing power, avoiding at the same time any kind of loose. Its possible declination make it availble for one product, duo product and why not refill.


STARDUSTER is special being all about personal creativity and enhancement of the original product contained.  It is special in the gesture it implies and in the shades to be created with the precision of the proper quantity. Precision, cleaniness, no-waste, performing application and own creation are special benefits.

The product contained can be created with incredible formulations and finishing, conceived also in different layers for different mixes or infused with skincare benefits.

Let’s twist and let’s get emotional. STARSCRAPER reconnects with the emotion of special moment, you transform a shape, you create your own color and you play with it! Imagination is free to express. It’s the right pack to transform and create. Its using gesture is a reminiscence of daily moments of the present and the past. Twisting is poetic as you transform to create your own “stardust”, with no waste, just fantasy. The final step is just about the pleasure of the imagination, the creation to finetune another colour or powder, to mix matt and metallic, dark and light, sparkling and iridiscent shades. It’s about the personal composition of the make-up, the choice how to apply it, the choice to play with it.

To create is a real moment of personal poetry part of the overall urban poetry.

STARSCRAPER  is an innovative packaging, performing at the same time with 3-technical features: product container, transformer of texture and doser.

Capacity: 3gr for eyeshadow, 10/12 gr for face products.