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HALL 15/ C10-D9


An unique transformation from a mousse to powder texture, through a fresh watery phase during the application. A true and perfect « Ready for Make-Up » formula with « 0 play time ». Convenient & time-saving galenic. Inspired from the East, perfectly suits the worldwide »Instant gratification » trend with a smooth and ultra-silky texture. It provides an instant luminous complexion with a mattified & brighter finish, without a shiny effect.

Immediately absorbed, it instantly illuminates and evens-out skin surface.

It smoothes and mattifies the skin to be « ready-for-makeup ». It ensures a long-lasting brightening and even-tone effect during the day. It rejuvenates the skin for a healthier and younger look.

The technical innovation comes from 2 technologies: first is a new bridge texture and second is an exclusive active ingredient based on an advanced development stage of stem cells: Somatic embryos. Usually consumers use a blur or an illuminating powder separately. With this product we offer a new generation of texture with an immediate soft-focus & radiance effect, answering to the trend of in-between cosmetics. Based on the latest generation of elastomer, polymers & microspheres, we have been able to develop a mousse which offers freshness during application and turns in powder.

This product is unique because it generates emotions. At a glance the rosy-mousse texture surprises consumers with this fluffy and soft aspect. Then, during application they discover an incredibly immediate transformation from mousse to powder through watery feeling, in a very short playtime. Consumers can enjoy not only efficacy but also a sensorial moment of pleasure. This product offers both instant gratification due to its mattifying & illuminating effects and cosmetics benefits. In short, each step of the application creates an unique experience from the pick-up, through the spreadability to the finish.

Instant Beauty Radiance Cream, a modern & surprising transformative texture from mousse to powder, is an authentic product to meet consumers’ expectations who suffer from their urban & chaotic lifestyle, which stresses the skin and causes skin imperfections such as dullness, fine-lines, skin sagginess, hyperpigmentation and so on, by enwrapping the skin with a smoothing and luminous-releasing mousse for an instant radiant & healthy look. With its very short playtime, consumers don’t need to wait for a minute between skincare regimen to make-up application any more. This time-saving product would free women from stressful morning routines. It also transforms them into a moment of pleasure and gratification, to find their ideal for all women, at all ages in the world.