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HALL 18/F28


A 3d painting composed by a series of glass bottles varnished with different colours which evoke the urban contest. Among all bottles stands out a glass perfume bottle with an iridescent surface. Starting from standard glass bottles and accessories, we'll use a digital printing to create an urban scenary. As the bottles are in glass we'll take inpiration form modern buildings where the component "glass" is mixed to steel, wood or cement. 

We would like to tranfer the concept that using a digital technology the consumers can now (but we're sure this will be more and more valid in the near future) customize any single bottle. Think to a limited and numbered edition of a product or to a photo of each single final client. The possibilities are endless!

The presence in our scenary of an iridescent "monument (another bottle) is to demonstrate that with special ingredients we can now obtain iridescent / semitransparent/ metallized items.

Digital technology and special varnishing colour could be used simoultaneusly to create even more special effects.