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HALL 18/E22-F21


This is an exclusive an unique decoration, 3D effect make-up packaging. The effect will be shown best in the lights of a display. The reflective design is a real eyecatcher!

Every item is unique, no print is 100% equal to another.  Customized designs can be made. The 3D effect makes the product unique and exclusive. The effect can be applied on the full pack, or only on a part of it. All to our customers request. The effect on this pack is created by the water transfer printing technique. An exclusive technique, applied manually. All different designs and effects are possible. Turn this product around and you will see the unique effect! It's unique due to the holographic finish, you can't even imagine this is done by a printing technique. What makes it special, is that all designs can be customized.

This is Urban Poetry, because of it's surrealistic iridescent finish and the reflective facets. You can turn and turn and see something different all the time, it speaks to you on a unique way!