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HALL 15/D14-E13


The bottle-in-bottle marble mascara is a mascara that consists of two bottles for a high quality heavy wall effect. The outer bottle features a unique marble effect consisting of three colours of “urban poetry” as well as a cap metallized in shiny silver. The brush creates seductive volume for the lashes.

The outer packaging with its metallized cap and marble bottle creates a great attention at the POS as each packaging looks unique. The marble effect is directly achieved during the injection moulding process of the outer bottle and does not require a further production step. The brush with is extra big diameter and size provides lashes with a great volume, separation, length and curl.

So far it has only been possible to do caps with this unique marble effect. But with our bottle-in-bottle mascara, we found a way to do the effect also on the outer bottle as it is injection moulded. Three or up to seven colours can be added to the PP material in order to achieve these flowing marble lines. In addition, metallic pigments can be added to the marble colours to give the packaging extra shine.  In regards to cosmetics we are exclusively working with a masterbatch supplier.

As far as we know it is the first product on the market that features an injection moulded marble effect on a mascara bottle. Normally secondary processes like heat transfer foils or sleeves would be necessary to achieve such a decoration.

The bottle-in-bottle marble mascara perfectly reflects the trend “urban poetry”. The metallized cap in shiny silver shimmers seductively and nearly reflects like a mirror. The outer bottle with its flowing marble lines creates a unique look for each packaging with a 3D effect. This effect is achieved due to the translucent marble outer bottle and an opaque inner bottle. In this case the marble look consists of three colours of urban poetry. Whereas Pantone 10290C and Pantone 10118 C have additional metallic pigments in the colour granulate for a pearlescent effect, Pantone 3535 is not metallic to create contrast. By increasing or decreasing the amount of colour granulate, the outer bottle can become totally opaque so that the inner bottle is not visible anymore or translucent so that the inner bottle can still be seen. Last but not least, the brush wonderfully volumizes the lashes for a romantic look.