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HALL 15/ G6-H5



Innovative nail serum with transformative properties: liquid in the bottle, jelly on your nails. It also contains special ingredients, never used in nail products before, that purify and remineralize your nails. The presence of real silver stones inside the bottle makes the product very elegant and visionary. It can be used for both, nail and cuticle, since it contains soothing and remineralizing ingredients that help you to make your nails growing healthy. It also contains real silver, with antiseptic and purifying properties, to protect and care your nails against pollution. Special formulation liquid in the bottle, but jelly on nails; the presence of Moon Stone Extract, very useful for soothing, smoothing and remineralizing nails and skin; the presence of real Silver with purifying properties. 

Special transformative formulation  

Unusual healing ingredients – like Silver and Moon Stone 

Presence of other active ingredients like Aloe Vera, Bamboo extract and trace elements, to make this product complete and effective. 

Its special transformative formulation, surreal but useful; the magic sensation of the Moon Stone; the importance of the Silver, known from ancient time to be a purifying element, that contrasts city pollution; the tangible impression of the esthetic this product, thanks to the silver stones.