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HALL 15/C10-D9

Filter Factor Future Cushion Foundation

Silky matte color in a futuristic cushion refines the complexion with instant blurring coverage. This fluid texture perfects skin with the thinnest matte veil. True-to-life, second skin coverage offers potent blurring properties to filter out the appearance of imperfections.  The patent pending Future Cushion is an innovative sponge-free compact system. It features a could-soft, gel-sensation reservoir to perfectly entrap makeup and offer superior and adjustable product release in the perfect dose.

Product benefits:Brings the concept of portable fluid makeup into the future,  Color instantly blurs out imperfections with matte coverage with "digital-effect" filters for perfect skin; Silky texture with superior blendability; Quick and direct application, anytime, anywhere; Adjustable product release: Makeup is dosed by modulating the applied pressure on this layer, as if it were a “compact dropper” Can be used with various types of applicators.

Patent pending innovation available only from Intercos. 

Portable and efficient for any consumer.

Matte color can be applied to perfect the skin when needed for instant blurring, "filter" effect.

The sponge-free format ensure that the formula can be applied with any applicator, offers superior color release and guarantees true to life color results on skin.

Reinventing makeup application in a way that connects to today's extremely busy, on-the-go consumer. Exceptional, fluid matte texture in a portable compact form creates a new and sensorial makeup experience. Fluid transforms into sensorial, perfecting coverage that filters out the appearance of imperfections with cloud-like softness.

Color creates a natural-look and silky matte finish, the perfect canvas for shimmering highlighters.