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HALL 15A/ A2-B1K


An innovative airless dispenser with a light packaging for hygiene & cosmetics formulas. Helium is the combination of an airless dispenser and a pouch, to fully protect the hygienic and cosmetic formulas. Helium offers an accurate dispensing, a compact, light and sustainable design. Dosage, size and shape are easily adaptable to your specific needs; Already 8 patents for an innovative technology. The new technology eliminates back flow problem, which happens when air flows back to the pouch after pumping; When dispensing the product no air is introduced into the containing pouch. This is the beauty of this new gesture of pressing the valve with a perfect seal and accuracy in dosage.

Helium is an innovation in valve technology that allows for a perfect seal that guarantees a perfect closing of the container pouch to fully protect the formula. This is made possible by a new technology, based on a specific distribution valve.

Helium has the ability for containing high viscosity creams and is compatible with alcohol. Helium is a new answer for dispensing hygiene and cosmetic formulas by transforming the handing experience into a simple and consistent gesture that always assures for precision. Using Helium is a new gesture allowing for a consistent release until complete emptying.

Helium answers the market trends for purest cosmetic formulas with less preservatives. Reducing the materials in amount, types and complexity, eliminating all metal component. Helium is an ecological proposition for contemporary lifestyle. 

Helium protects your cosmetic formulas and our planet.