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HALL 15/C14-D13


The Revolve is a brand new decoration that Lumson is developing and patenting. After being a pioneer in the internal lacquering of its Airless containers, Lumson is now progressing in the high customization of its Airless collection. The technique consists in a sort of inner “label” that is placed between the packaging and the airless pouch of the Airless bottles.

The Revolve technique revolutionizes the concept of the label on your primary packaging, by transforming what actually seen as a mass market decoration, in a high end on. The  Airless bottle enhances the particular decoration of the “Revolve”, and it maximizes all the effects you can  achieve on this special inner label, by assuring the same intensified effect of the internal lacquering, already patented by Lumson.

The Revolve technique revolutionizes  the concept of the primary packaging decoration. The personalization  is not on the packaging external surface, but it is protected and enhanced by the container, without any risk of product contamination, as this last one is preserved by the highly reliable Pouch Airless system, patented by Lumson.  Moreover you can combine the “Revolve” technique with the gradation inner  lacquering of your airless container, in order to frame and maximize the peculiarity of this innovative decoration.

The Revolve turns around the concept of the high customization of the primary packaging.  It transforms  a basic decoration in a high end one. All the details the consumers are used to find on a simple label that can be removed from the packaging or damaged during normal use, are now protected inside the packaging itself. The Revolve special compatible material can be printed with as many effects as you can imagine, today just available for paper industry, such as four color printing or embossed printing, and the Airless container will enhance them!   The Revolve technique perfectly embodies the URBAN POETRY mood.

The Urban side of this technique is represented by the concept of the label, which is basic and accessible to the mass.

Lumson is elevating the simple label concept to a new “role”. The Revolve  is the perfect combination of these two oxymoron concepts: URBAN and POETRY!  Thanks to this revolutionary Lumson technique, the simple label gains a new importance, a Poetry shade, which perfectly answer to the high end cosmetic packaging market.