Mascara Plus Cosmetics – Formula make up

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HALL 18/ C38-D37


We are glad to present our innovative dual technology: the perfect combination of two different formulas, mascara and lash primer, into one incredible new product that combines mascara extending power with skin care benefits. The two different bulks are kept separated into mascara bottle ( on one side, we have blue color and, on the other side, we have the pink one), while they get mixed once applied on eyelashes, with a simple swipe of brush. Result is beautiful, amazing and certainly unusual color effect and a mix of different benefits. Together mascara and primer, combined into this technology blend, lengthen and volumize your eyelashes making them, at the same time, healthier and stronger thanks to the actives contained in both.

This new product, born from the combination of blue mascara and pink lash primer formulas, guarantees a super volumizing and lengthening effect, combined with a researched protective action. Both contain special and specific actives that ensure lashes protection and reinforcement, making them healthier and stronger. In particular, they are enriched with fatty acids, as linoleic and eleostearic acids, fundamental for the high emollient, hydrating and nourishing properties. Besides, they contain specific elements, as tocopherol, perfect to create a strong barrier against free radicals and UV rays, resulting in a super-efficient anti-aging and anti-pollution action. An amazing 360° for your eyelashes.

This interesting blend of mascara and lash primer, besides resulting in a new and amazing color color effect, allows to reconcile the volumizing and lengthening effect, typical of mascara formulas, with benefits typical of skin care area. An astonishing and convenient new invention, that lets people to easily get a gorgeous eye-look and protect lashes, at the same time, with just one swipe of brush. No more waste of time, it is not necessary buying and using different products. With Dream2real Mascara all you need is enclosed in a single product. A new vision of the city, a new vision of life. This is the reason why we chose this innovative and wondrous product, new and innovative formulation and colors.

Pastel colors we propose, blue for mascara and pink for the primer, are light and gentle and the combination appears surrealistic but even highly full of poetry. In particular, a new vision of life means more attention to emotions and to personal, wellness, physical and mental. So, cosmetic calls for a new alliance with the skin care area. For this reason both, mascara and primer, are enriched with particular actives which guarantee together a higher well-being of your lashes. In particular, we chose a specific anti-pollution active, perfect to create a strong barrier against free radicals and UV rays, typical of urban environments.