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HALL 18/ C64-D61


Multifunctional and innovative packaging for different combinations of eye make-up, suitable also for lip make-up: eyeshadow or lip powder hidden inside the body can be applied with two rotating applicator tips, each one offering a different pay-off to the eyelids/lips.

Kajal is fit on the top of the body with a clear lid to show the colour. Due to the two rotating tips the pick-up and pay-off of the formulations is much easier and more preforming. The eye shadow/lips formulation is filled in an aluminum pan and it is actuated by a spring which allows the pan itself to get in touch with the tip/formulation until the bulk is over. The double ended applicator device rotates easily on its axe at 180 degrees and offers a very good and professional performance.

It's a two in one product offering three different application ways and surplus value due to its versatility. With a simple gesture you can get a quick, but precise application. This product is a combination of tradition and innovation. Easy to use and without boundaries for an urban princess who takes care about details and likes to be in a "transforming" mood. Let's get emotional with this surprising and innovating packaging!