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HALL 18/ C24


The Urban Kit consists of two wipes in twin-sachet with two different and complementary functions.

The DAY phase nourishes and prepares your skin for the day, protecting it from pollution and UVA-UVB rays; it has a further function of makeup fixer thanks to its ingredients that create a dry and mat base on the skin and create a magnetic effect with the makeup ingerdients.

The NIGHT phase is a micellar water that completes the day-cycle: it gently and deeply  removes makeup and all the impurities that the city leaves on the skin, promoting detoxification and skin oxygenation for a fresh and youthful effect.

A modern product that fits the urban lifestyle. Gentle and effective, it is ideal for all skin types. Its packaging consists of two single-dose wet wipes making it quick and easy to use at home or outside, with no product waste.

The DAY phase not only moisturizes and smoothes the skin for a silky effect, but also protects the same from oxidative stress pollution-related due to its antipollution patented active; it also has a mattifying action on skin and a magnetic effect with makeup which makes it longer lasting for a perfect skin all day long.

The NIGHT phase is a high skin tolerability detergent, made of natural origin micellar water. Quickly and without scrubbing it frees the pores from pollution and sebum excess, it removes  the makeup, it strengthens the skin barrier while protecting the hydrolipidic component and favoring its reconstitution. Fresh and light, it does not require rinsing.