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HALL 18/ F34


The Sleeping Metallic Mask is an extraordinary and unique facial mask, enriched with detox actives, nutrient and anti-aging ingredients to contrast the signs of ageing and restore youthful radiance to the skin.

Enveloping and delicious as a spreadable cream, it provides an instant glow and purify action to the skin, making it soft and firm.

Conceived for a gradual release of the actives, it is particularly suitable for evening use, to allow the development of its action during the night, the most favorable moment for skin’s cellular exchanges.

Moisturizes, evens and smooths the skin, improving tone and elasticity. In addition, thanks to the contribution of natural actives, it provides an anti-pollution action, neutralizing from the skin the polluting particles, generated from smog and fine dust. Upon awakening the skin is glowing and even.

Its particular "memory" texture creates a uniform and compact layer that adapts to the shape of the face without any dripping phenomenon thanks to the presence of a particular natural polymer in the formula. This component creates a protective film that keeps on the skin all the actives allowing a better absorption of the substances and more specific cutaneous action. This patch effect allows the mask to maintain a gradual effect ensuring a long-lasting action.

Its superb illuminating effect makes this mask an undeniable beauty allied. Its metallic gloss, available in classic colours as gold, platinum, silver and bronze, transforms the mask in an exclusive and precious product. After the pose, thanks to its particular texture, some product can be left on the face as a substitute of the usual night cream, for a concentrate treatment of actives during sleep time.