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HALL 15/G14-H13


Inspired by geometrical designs (new generation origami),  the Light Infinity could be a symbol of the soft cyber-woman. 

Light reflection combined with digital pastel shades represents the modern expression of the femininity.

The research of the visual perfection, which consists in finding the perfect balance between essential geometries and finely detailed design, reinvents the codes of the urban beauty. Combination between visual emotion and product performance . A powder which gives a luminous air-brushed look thanks to its extremely translucent base. Enriched with light-sculpting complex which creates a quasi-graphic evanescence and uniquely smooth feel. The capacity to finely engrave the pressing tools and transforming the design into a real product. In a combination with an extremely refined and impalpable powder by keeping  the standard  quality demands for a finish product.

Visual impact & product performance

Design which creates a like scattering effect, geometrical shapes that becomes artistic. Pearlescent and iridescent  pearls for strobing and modern make up effect!