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HALL 15/ G14-H13


A new make-up experience that will deeply engage your senses: sight, touch, smell and taste will be tantalized by this formulation like no other! I An innovative, PATENT PENDING MAKE-UP CONCEPT that combines cosmetic know-how with the inspirations from pastry-making to present an innovative beauty formulation I Rich of powerful anti-oxidants and skin caring ingredients, the BEUTY JELLY FORMULATIONS go far beyond the usual and provide high sensorial skin feelings together with a nice and natural make-up result  I  Just dab the product for an instant cooling effect and light color.

Besides being a make up product which involves all your senses, the light beauty jelly also contains caring benefits  COCONUT PULP WATER rich in supplements and nutrients, it has  high anti-oxidant, hydrating and anti-age properties

MACADAMIA NUT OIL, it plays an important role in the barrier function of the skin by forming liquid crystals that are similar to the intercellular lamellae structures in the stratum corneum

NATURAL HONEY EXTRACT, it provides high miniaturization and care to skin

BREAKTHROUGH MAKE-UP CONCEPT (PATENT PENDING): Food grade ingredients are here mixed with studied cosmetic raw materials to take the maximum advantage of their natural powerful benefits as skin caring agents. Unconventional whipped consistence, lightweight and soft , fresh top the touch

A modern formula which shows a new vision of make up.

Luminous effect thanks to the presence of iridescent pearls , modern design with reflective geometrical facets.