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HALL 20/ C58


These two revolutionary printing processes allow dynamic and dramatic effects to be created. With Changing Printing, two different design patterns are printed simultaneously. The design visible changes depending on the angle of view. With Miracle Vision Flash Printing, multiple pattern designs can be combined in one printing film, creating a flowing effect that sparkles and shifts as the angle of view changes. The effects can be further enhanced through the use of metallization of printing surfaces, transparent inks and in combination with conventional silkscreen printing.

Both processes employ silkscreen printing technology, meaning that initial film costs are relatively low and suitable for low volume production. Because the effects are created in one printing pass, these processes allow for a wide range expression and dramatic effects without the costs of multiple printing passes. The techniques can also be used as a counterfeit prevention measure. Practical and cost effective compared to existing solutions such reflective labels (can be removed) and foil transfers (unsuitable for small lot production).

Through the use of special film making and printing technologies, each design on the film is created at a different angle.

The dramatic effects created by these processes will instantly call attention to your products. The sense of flow and movement catches the eye and allows a dynamic story to be developed on packaging surfaces.

The current urban landscape is a world of change, contrast and movement. Static designs fail to generate emotion as we move through an ever changing environment of contrasting colors and textures. The dynamic and flowing designs create shifting, iridescent effects and allow for the development of a narrative that has not been possible until now. The contrasting of matte and metallic finishes and sense of movement and transformation are an answer to question of how to create emotion and poetry in a world that never stands still.