[Comfort Zone] & Hyundai IBT

Cosmoprof Awards: be inspired by our finalists


During the last edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, two juries composed of Retailers, BtoBand BtoC Press, Bloggers, Brand Executives, Designers and R&D experts evaluated almost 600 products to select the 40 finalists of Cosmoprof Awards.

As the hub of beauty industry innovations, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is proud to promote the companies that reach this important goal.

Let's continue with this journey to come to know better the finalists of Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards 2018.







From the [comfort zone] research laboratories, BODY ACTIVE BOOSTER is the localized activating concentrate product for those who want to maximize the results of their workout.

An innovative product, with a unisex appeal, to prepare the muscles for sport activities.

Thanks to a balanced thermogenic action, it improves microcirculation while increasing tissue oxygenation and fat burning process.

Enriched with carnitine and 1.5% of caffeine, the formula is silicone-free, fragrance-free and made with 96% of natural origin ingredients.

Featuring a pratical roll-on applicator and a fast absorbing formula, BODY ACTIVE BOOSTER is manufactured in Italy with electric power from renewable sources and has a neutral CO2 packaging.

Founded in 2000, Hyundai IBT aims to be a Global Biotechnology Industry contributing to the health and life extension of humanity.

Freshly combining two serums in a unique Twist-to-Mix bottle design, Vitabrid Dual Serum has a significant anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect while keeping the skin thoroughly hydrated.

Vitabrid Dual Serum is freshly mixed upon opening and easily absorbed with hybridized Vitamin C and Peptides that deliver proven anti-aging benefits and an even skin tone both internally and externally.

The skin-brightening formula improves tone, texture, firmness, and elasticity while moisturizing, hydrating, and supplying nutrients to the skin to protect it from external stress factors. The yellow coloration of the Deep Care Serum is due to natural pigmentation.