LUMSON & MYC Packaging

Cosmopack Awards: new synergies between beauty and technology


During the last edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, two prestigious international juries evaluated 582 products and selected the 40 finalists of Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards

As the hub of beauty industry innovations, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is proud to promote the companies that better encompass this feature within their DNA.

Cosmopack Awards gives recognition to the importance of new technologies and their synergies with the beauty sector: in a world where everything is connected and you can have a lot of information at your fingertips, the products are able to interact with customers and improve their experience, simply connecting with a smartphone. Let’s discover these new smart solutions!


MET - Microchip Embedded Technology



Side by Side


Founded in Italy in 1975 by Remo Moretti, Lumson is a leading company in Europe in development, production, decoration and distribution of primary packaging for the cosmetic, make-up, and pharmaceutical markets; they have also international branches in France, Germany, Spain, GB, Poland, Russia and USA. Lumson Group strongly believes in the wise and balanced mixture between tradition and innovation, promoting the concept of “Made in Italy” both in its territory and worldwide, conscientiously adhering to sustainability and an environmentally conscious attitude each and every day.
Their vision is “Creativity, technology and passion are LUMSON’s deep-seated values”.
Today, Lumson is the proud owner of a variety of worldwide patents for specific designs, technological innovations and production processes used within the company. Awarded in 2015 and 2016 with THE COSMOPACK WALL for the avant-garde innovations, in 2018 Lumson has been recognized as a finalist at Cosmopack Awards for their patented MET - Microchip Embedded Technology, which is available for all their airless dispensers. The importance of this technology is relevant with regard to multiple functions: the microchip can give every consumer access to a huge quantity of data about the product (accessible through smartphone NFC connection) and it can be used as an anti-counterfeiting and shoplifting protection system.

Founded in 2012 in China, in only six years MYC PACKAGING INNOVATION has become a significative international group, operating over three continents: Asia, Europe and North America. MYC’s recipe for success is based on two essential ingredients: the heart and the genius of two cultures – Italian and Chinese. Chinese business ethos linked with creative Italian design is their strenght. MYC’s Innovation Team (based in Como, Italy) never stops testing new materials and updating technologies: their mission is “Giving shape to beauty”, by combining the most advanced innovations with precision and creativity. 
MYC’s aim is to create new expressive codes through continuous research to refine and perfect cosmetic packaging systems, with a blend of tradition and innovation. MYC Packaging Innovation – already awarded with THE WALL by Cosmopack in 2015 (Eco-Beauty Packaging Make Up Award) and 2017 (Make-up Packaging) - made it to the final of Cosmopack Awards thanks to their patented and innovative packaging “SYDE BY SIDE”, designed and developed for the most demanding contemporary consumers: it is multifunctional and meant for different make-up combinations for lips, eyes and face, with ad-hoc applicators. SYDE BY SIDE has been designed to be used with a NFC-enabled smartphone, to give brands the opportunity to interact with their consumers for a more enjoyable experience.