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Cosmoprof presented in 2018, for the first time in Bologna, Cosmoprof Awards and Cosmopack Awards, curated in partnership with Beautystreams.

Recognized as one of the most prestigious global beauty awards, Cosmoprof Awards celebrated the most innovative companies: from raw materials to formulation, from packaging to OEM/ODM, from machinery to finished products (Cosmetics & Toiletries, Beauty Salon, Hair, Nail).

Two juries composed of RetailersBtoB and BtoC PressBloggers, Brand Executives, Designers and R&D expert evaluated almost 600 products to select the 40 finalists of the 2018 edition.

As the hub of beauty industry innovations, Cosmoprof  Worldwide Bologna is proud to promote the companies that reach this important goal. 


PRODUCT: sussh





Ever since a tragic earthquake stroke Japan on May 11th 2011, all Japanese people's hearts were sad and depressed. The earthquake was perceived as a sign from Earth to human being: we need to care more about Nature. As one of the cosmetic manufacturers in Japan, we wondered if there were anything we could do to energize people and show our respect to Nature. That was the spark giving birth to warew. Warew's mission is to convey the beauty of Nature from Japan to the world. By using natural ingredients we show gratitude and appreciation to Nature and its gifts. By teaching the Japanese way of beauty, we convey happiness and positive energy to people around the globe.

We are Lesielle, a start-up from Jerez that has created the world's first adaptive skin care. We are a multidisciplinary team of eight people of three nationalities, five of them exclusively dedicated to the project. The idea was born in March 2016 in Switzerland during a breakfast. One of our founders was living there, and he was talking with his partner about the limitations of nowadays cosmetics and how incomprehensible it was that people could not have a product adapted to their preferences, but had to settle for what the laboratories decided to bring to market. That is why we decided to create Lesielle, so that everyone can enjoy personalized, effective skin care and always adapted to the changes of your skin.