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Friday March 18th - H. 3.30pm - 5.30pm

MODERATOR: Melinda Yon. Diploma in Wellness, Lifestyle & Spa Management, Republic Polytechnic

- Lily Tan, General Manager, Dermestetique
- Andrea Lomas-Gong, Head of Group Spa Operations, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
- Ron Jean, Director of International Business Development Pevonia LCC

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The Asian spa market has always been recognized as the hub of some of the most luxurious and lush escape destination resorts in the world particularly where it comes to SouthEast Asia. The details weaved into crafting a unique experience coupled with the regions’ service oriented culture are legendary but can these traits be replicated by luxury hotel spa operators penetrating this market? With China serving as a new virgin territory can experienced spa players uphold their standards? How does one navigate the price-value sensitivity of the local Asian consumer and the demand for visible results? With no licensing requirements and lack of specialization for spa professionals how can brands properly train and what type of training is required? Lastly for brands with no animal testing claims what are some of the options available and ways others have found to work? Leading experts from some of the most renowned spa institutions will shed light on this market and subject matters.


- What are the key markets in Asia one should focus on?

- What are common misconceptions about the Asian spa market?

- How can a brand approach the Asian spa market and enter successfully?