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Saturday, 18 March 2017

3:15pm - 4:00pm






When digital medias are upsetting the codes of beauty purchases – but where the test seems essential for the consumers - how to integrate the sensorial dimension on corporate and e-commerce websites of beauty brands? Through what media can we feel the intangible of textures, galenics and perfumes? Carlin Creative Trend Office and beauty experts give the leads to understand the impacts of an unprecedented challenge for brands.


> Pauline Bonafous, Marketing Project Manager, CARLIN - Creative Trend Bureau (moderator)

Pauline Bonafous is a marketing project manager at Carlin Creative Trend Bureau: in charge of Intimacy pole - Beauty / Lingerie – her dual marketing / style education allows her to develop an approach combining marketing analysis and intuition, study of sociological phenomenon and creativity to complete all custom consultations in Beauty / Lingerie sectors.






> Fabio Berchi, CEO, Sifarma

Fabio Berchi is an entrepreneur born in Milan in 1966. A second generation Pharmacist, he graduated from University of Milan. He started his career very young, working at Sifarma SpA , his family business company specializing in the distribution of prestigious international cosmetic brands, such as Payot, Décléor, Marbert and Pier Augé. During the years, Mr. Berchi gave a significant contribution in establishing the company as a knowledgeable expert in the manufacturing of functional dermocosmetic ranges and professional skincare treatments. Sifarma’s owned brands include Canova, Dermatrophine and Pergam, which are now distributed internationally. From 2014 he has been entrusted with the exclusive distribution for Italy of the OPI, the American brand worldwide leader of the nail industry. He currently serves as CEO at Sifarma and since 2013 he has been Chairman of the Aesthetics Cosmetics Group, a division of Cosmetica Italia, the national cosmetics industry trade association.

> Antonio Argentieri, Counselor International Affair and External Relations Antonio, L’Erbolario

Antonio Argentieri, graduated "maxima cum laude" in Political Science, has been working for 20 years at L’ Erbolario, brand leader in the plant-derived cosmetic market. L’Erbolario, , created by Franco Bergamaschi and Daniela Villa, started  as a  small family business  and today it is a renowned international company,  leader in Italy with 5,000 stores and 150 franchise stores. L’Erbolario exports to 45 countries, where it also has 8 stores in Franchising. In Italy L’ Erbolario arrives in more than 10 million houses. The brand is synonymous of  naturalness, tradition and care. Antonio Argentieri has a long operational experience in the field of cosmetics; he has been Marketing Director of many multinational and entrepreneur cosmetics companies.. For many years, he has been active inside Cosmetica Italia – the personal care aassociation: he is currently the Director and Chairman of the Herbal Cosmetics Group, a sector in which L’Erbolario operates. In the past, he was Chairman of the Distribution Committee and for many years inside the Committee Statistical “Colipa”,  now Cosmetics Europe. He is a professor at University of Siena. He lectured on cosmetic markets in EU, USA, Japan and Russia.

> Serena Caimano, Managing Director, Pidielle srl

When Serena Caimano took the helm at Elgon, over six years ago, as Managing Director at Pidielle, the Italian family-owned company, with a long history of manufacturing professional haircare products, her primary objective was to decisively and firmly relaunch the brand's values. Serena’s vision considers excellence in performance and genuine emotion the two primary ingredients that distinguish a contemporary cosmetic. This vision is clearly encapsulated in Color & Poetry, Elgon’s original expression of the idea of beauty and service, which acknowledges the artistic nature of hairstylists’ daily work and places their sensitivity and desire to express themselves at the very core of Elgon’s continuous research. Her management style is marked by ambitious objectives, ethical discipline and teamwork.