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Thursday, 16 March 2017
3:15pm - 4:00pm





Natural & organic cosmetics are no longer a niche in the cosmetics industry. High growth rates have made these products well-established in Europe and North America. However, what is the future growth outlook? What are the market and competitive trends, and what developments are on the horizon? This new session will give the latest market data on the global market, followed by a panel discussion from industry experts.


> Iveta Kovacova - Research Analyst, Organic Monitor (Moderator)

Iveta is a Research Analyst at Organic Monitor. In this capacity, she undertakes research & analysis on natural and sustainable products industries.
She has been undertaking market research for almost 5 years, with previous experience in consumer goods. Some of the industries she has covered include natural personal care products, sustainable foods, cosmetic ingredients, health foods and building products. Iveta has a Masters degree in International Relations and has also studied Culture and Languages at Universidade do Porto in Portugal. She is fluent in English, Slovak and Czech.








> Anna Crovetto - Marketing Manager Europe, Active Concepts Srl

Anna Crovetto, Marketing Manager Europe – Active Concepts Srl, is a graduate of the BSc (Honours) Cosmetic Science course in London. Since graduating, Anna has worked within the cosmetics industry, both in the UK and across Europe. Her career path has allowed her to gain further experience in formulating personal care applications whilst increasing her technical knowledge of cosmetic raw materials. Anna joined Active Concepts Srl in March 2013 working to provide technical and marketing support to customers in this dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.










> Elisabeth Streefland, Marketing Manager, Croda GmbH

After a PhD in the Netherlands, Elisabeth obtained a 2 years of Postdoctoral Research in Cambridge and in the Netherlands. She worked for over almost 9 years in several managing positions for cosmetics manufacturers, including over 6 years with Sara Lee Household & Body Care. In 2011 she started to work for Croda GmbH as Technical Marketing Manager for Personal Care. She is now Marketing Manager Croda GmbH (responsibility for all businesses (Personal Care and Industry).










> Sabine Kästner-Schlemme, Press and Public Relation Director, Laverana Naturkosmetik

For over 16 years, Sabine Kästner has been in charge of Press and Public Relations for the lavera Naturkosmetik brand and the manufacturer Laverana (producer of natural cosmetics), and as Press Spokesperson, she currently heads up Corporate PR for the company as a whole. Moreover, Ms. Kästner has been involved in volunteer work at NATRUE, the Brussels-based international association for certified natural cosmetics, since its inception, and has chaired the Communication Working Group of NATRUE since 2013







> Chiara Seguella, auditor for Natural and Organic Cosmetics and Detergents, ICEA - Istituto di Certificazione Etica e Ambientale

Chiara Seguella, auditor for Natural and Organic Cosmetics and Detergents, ICEA - Istituto di Certificazione Etica e Ambientale, graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Urbino University “Carlo Bo”, works as auditor for ICEA’s voluntary certification schemes (cosmetics and detergents) since 2011. Beside, she is an auditor for COSMOS-Standard AISBL certification, another voluntary scheme for natural and organic cosmetics, based in Brussels from 2002. Chiara is in charge as ICEA’s representative in the COSMOSStandard AISBL technical board.