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Thursday, 16 March 2017
2:00pm - 2:45pm





Opposing the normative codes of beauty and tastefulness, a new generation exposes its real, imperfect, creative self to express itself and show a different side of beauty… Make way for a liberated and free-spirited generation! For brands, it is a real challenge… How to reinvent the codes of glamour for this new generation?


> Laurence Dorlhac - Journalist, Founder ELIOT Communication (Moderator)

Laurence Dorlhac is a columnist and journalist. She currently works for France 2 on the program of Sophie Davant, C'est au program. She is also the founder of ELIOT Communication (1999). Laurence Dorlhac obtained a Master of Geopolitics at the Sorbonne. She was a journalist at the Le Figaro in 1989 where she was responsible for promoting special operations. In 1994, she joined BFM where she is a chronic company and health. In 2002, she joined Canal +. It also holds a column in the newspaper Metro International. She then worked from 2005 for RTL. How much does it cost on TF1. From 2002 to 2009, she held the position of Managing Editor of the magazine Well in my life. She then joins France 2 for chronicles in It is to the program also equal founder of ELIOT Communication.







> Dominique Assenat - Head of Beauty & Colors, PeclersParis

With a bachelor’s degree in English and a strong inclination for movies, film imagery and adaptation, Dominique Assénat begins her career in Los Angeles. Spurred by the American entrepreneurial spirit and endowed with a fine sense of creativity, she launches a highly successful collection of handbags. For over a year, Dominique adopts the “made in the USA” business model, an experience which infuses her with an unfailing fondness for the country, and its business acumen, sharpening her knowledge of how markets work. She returns to Paris in the early 80s to expand her leather goods collection which is sold at Kashiyama, Victoire, etc. Looking for new experiences that involve teamwork and sharing expertise, she decides to work for a key designer of the period, Anne-Marie Beretta, where she refines her love of fabrics and colors. Recruited in 1987 by the Fashion Director at that time, Dominique begins working for PeclersParis as the head of the textile and accessories department. She spends many years providing her prospective insight to the agency’s two main departments: colors and fabrics. Now in charge of the Colors, Beauty & Cosmetics and Accessories Department, Dominique also heads one of the PeclersParis fundamentals: the Colors trend book. Her creative vision is essential to this task which involves the fine-tuning of 45 exclusive, specially crafted colors, with her team, every season, laying the foundations for all the agency’s publications. Her broad vision across all markets and uncanny ability for abstraction have made her a shrewd observer of the evolution of international markets and how they interact (the emergence of Asian markets and strong demand for color from China have had a major influence on European and American designers).







> Amelie Debaye - Senior Client Advisor (Beauty/Luxury), TNS SOFRES KANTAR

More than 13 years of experience in the beauty industry capitalizing on an extensive expertise in innovation, international brand strategy and digital. I LOVE beauty as a category and was always someone interested in the latest launches and innovations. @Kantar-TNS, I have been known as the experimental one, willing to try any of the products.




> Emma Fric - Research and Future Insight Director, PeclersParis

The daughter of an interior designer and an art historian whose career touched on luxury, first at Vuitton and then at the Comité Colbert, Emma Fric is an expert in bringing together diverse environments, as her professional career demonstrates. After initial training in law motivated by her interest in the rules that govern society, Emma discovers, when studying at CELSA, communication techniques and semiology, the later becoming her true passion. To apply its principles and better understand what makes societies tick, she moves to Asia and then to London, where, in 1993, she is hired by the branding and design agency Cato Consulting Group, which she heads in 1996 (Nissan, Philip Morris, UDV, Heineken, Warner Bros Studios Stores, Safeway, Asda, British American Tobacco). In 2000, she looks to regain her independence and works as a freelancer for BAT and Diageo. Two years later, back in France, she demonstrates her talents as Strategic Planning Manager at Brand DNA up to 2006 (Agnès b, Comité Colbert, Philip Morris, Rémy Martin, Apsys, the Diamond Trading Company and Escada), when, as a freelance consultant, she works for Omega, BAT and Beauté Prestige International. 

Emma becomes a member of the PeclersParis team in 2007, first as Development and Client Strategy Manager, then as head of the Department of Research and Future Insight. In charge of the Futur(s) trend book, she recruited a team to identify the emerging signals that will shape tomorrow’s world, and help clients analyze trends and develop distinctive directions, guided by her motto, which is to “rehumanize brands”. A woman of strong convictions, Emma has expertly paired her ability to anticipate and synthesize key evolutions in our society with the PeclersParis methodology, validated and perfected over the past 40 years.