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Saturday, 18 March 2017
5:30pm - 6:15pm



Wearing a perfume isn’t a symbolic act (like wearing clothes or make-up) but a communicative one, full of historical inferences and autobiographical memories. It’s an emotive signature, extremely personal yet also able to capture and convey the mood of its time. A history of fashion through perfume is therefore particularly interesting. The great social changes and the evolution of female identity are both accurately reflected in the style of the time. Historic changes in skirt length and haircuts, stylists and hair designers, colours and shapes of dresses and headwear map out a journey into fashion and trends which describes how, through the growing importance of personal care, the role of women has changed over the years. Drawing on the olfactory and evocative themes in “Essenze di Stile: Percorsi di moda e profumo da Coco a Madonna” (“Essence of Style: Paths of Fashion and Perfume from Coco to Madonna” - 24 ORE Cultura) and the images of hair fashion in “50 anni in copertina” (“50 Years on the Cover” - Estetica), Paolo Landi hosts a discussion with the book’s author, Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot, perfume expert Mariangela Rossi and the editor of Allure and Estetica, Roberto Pissimiglia. A journey from the ’20s to the ’80s through both the visual - descriptive, structured and rational - and the olfactory - instinctive, precocious and emotive - memory.


*Please note that this event will be held in Italian.


> Paolo Landi, Communication & PR, Bologna Fiere Cosmoprof (Moderator)

Paolo Landi has along experience in the communication department of Benetton Group, then he opened his own agency and began working with several prestigious brands as consultant for strategic marketing and communication issues. He wrote essays on education of your people to the use of media (published by Einaudi, Bompaini and La Scuola). He worked as well for Politecnico di Milano (7 years) and IUAV in Venice (4 years) as a teacher. As the author of “Tales on wealth” on the weekly magazine PAGINA99, he writes about the most innovative adverting campaigns. Actually he works as Image and Media Advisor for Bologna Fiere Cosmoprof.






> Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot, Journalist and essayist –Director, HOW TO SPEND IT - Il Sole 24 Ore

Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot, journalist, has over twenty years of experience in periodicals and newspapers. See started working for "La Stampa" and then for  "Repubblica." Investigative journalist, fashion and costume, she has specialized in  design and development of women  magazines, such as "Grazia" (as co-director) and "Me" (as director). Currently she is the  head of the monthly magazine "How to spend it-  "Il Sole 24 ORE", ", in partnership with the "Financial Times".

Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot is author of the book "Essence of Style" dedicated to the world of perfume seen as an opportunity to cross a century of female identity changes (24 HOURS Culture editions).





> Roberto Pissimiglia, Editor & director, ALLURE - Esteticanetwork

Roberto Pissimiglia was born in a family of publishers. Hence his passion for journalism and print media. In the '80s and' 90s he transformed the publishing house of the family - and her reference magazine, ESTETICA - into a worldwide leader network  and with editions in 23 countries. Since 2008 ALLURE was added to this network: a 'beauty trade magazine' for the perfumery channel.  Roberto Pissimiglia is publisher and editor of Allure. In conjunction with the fiftieth edition of Cosmoprof, Roberto Pissimiglia presents the photo exhibition and catalog "COVER: 50 years from the cover“.








> Mariangela Rossi, Journalist and entrepreneur

Mariangela Rossi is a journalist specializing in lifestyle, tourism, artistic perfumery and wellness. Nomad by vocation, fond of curiosity, she has been collaborating for newspapers like How to Spend It, Elle and Il Secolo XIX. She has published books and essays on the world of fragrance and wellness and, in the book "Essence of Style. Fashion trails and perfume Coco Madonna "(24 Hours Culture), oversaw the olfactory icons. Mariangela Rossi launched, in 2016, fragrant Scent line dedicated to the city and even her olfactory line, "Ready to smell?", Inspired by the travels of art Grand Tour style but with contemporary echoes.