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Saturday, 18 March 2017

12:30pm - 1:15pm






Indie beauty is one of today’s hottest topics. Consumers, especially the Millennial group, are looking for intriguing brand stories and unique products that they feel smaller, independent brands can offer. BEAUTYSTREAMS leads a discussion on indie beauty and showcases new innovative brands. In the US market, Indie products companies are looking for new packaging and formulations, opening new market possibilities for international beauty solutions providers. 


> Michael Nolte, Creative Director, Beautystreams (moderator)

Michael Nolte is the Creative Director of Beautystreams. Mr. Nolte oversees a content team of over 150 experts worldwide. His background includes 15 years’ experience as a fashion trend forecaster and has consulted with top beauty and fashion brands internationally.













> Britta Fleck, President & Managing Director, Glossybox USA

Britta Fleck is currently acting as the President and Managing Director of Glossybox USA. In early 2011, Ms.Fleck joined Glossybox as the Global Chief Operating Officer and later became the Senior Vice President of Global Brand Relations. Not only did Ms.Fleck supervise the global rollout of the premium beauty box subscription service, she also oversaw the material sourcing, supply chain as well as the GLOSSY magazine. Having been one of the first individuals working at Glossybox, Ms.Fleck’s expertise and accomplishments have been an integral part of the company’s growth and success today.





> Michelle Doan, CEO, Emani Vegan Cosmetics

Michelle Doan is EMANI’s creator, visionary and CEO. Every EMANI products passed through her hands before it gets into our consumer’s hands. Ms.Doan was trained as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, she spent about 8 years in the fashion industry before her passion for the pursuit of better skin lead her on the current path of green cosmetics. Ms.Doan is deeply passionate about colors, trends, fashion and can translate her imagination into reality. She started to research and created products for herself. With her perseverance and unconventional way of thinking, came the birth of EMANI. Ms.Doan incorporated her childhood experiences of the herbs once picked with her grandfather and the study of natural healing, this core concept became an integral part of EMANI’s philosophy.




> James J. Slowey, Vice president Sales and Marketing, Baralan USA/Arrowpak

James has been working with Baralan USA/Arrowpak for over 25 years serving as a Sales Representative, Director of West Coast Operations/Sales and his current position as VP Sales/Mktg. Having worked directly in the markets in NY and LA, and now in South Florida, he is keenly aware of and has been involved with many start-up and indie brands. With his ties to Baralan International, based in Milan Italy, and their assets and abilities, James is able to provide a unique perspective with regard to design, marketing and placement for new products. While the Baralan Group deals with many established, well known, mature brands, understanding the limitations and timing of launching new products and managing the expectations of people new to the industry helps these new brands to also build successful, long lasting product lines.