Exhibitors at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018

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Company NameHALL (BOOTH)SectorCountry
NEWSNOWCRYSTAL AB19EG (27)CosmoprimeSweden
TERAPIMA INTERNATIONAL35 (D66)Professional HairSweden
VISION HAIRCARE AB35 (C44)Professional HairSweden
NEWVIVA LA DIVA16 (B20-C21)Country PavillionSweden
"SOLVEX-COSMETIC PRODUCTS"LTD.22 (B15)Cosmetics & ToiletriesBulgaria
BILKA LIFESTYLE LTD21N (S8-T7)Green & OrganicBulgaria
BIO FRESH LTD.22 (C46)Cosmetics & ToiletriesBulgaria
BNAEOPC CONSULT LTD21N (S8-T7)Green & OrganicBulgaria
BNAEOPC CONSULT LTD16 (D25)Country PavillionBulgaria
CAMCO LTD21N (S8-T7)Green & OrganicBulgaria
IKAROV LTD.21N (S8-T7)Green & OrganicBulgaria
NEWINTERMED 1 LTD.21N (S8-T7)Green & OrganicBulgaria
LAVENA PLC26 (C42)Cosmetics & ToiletriesBulgaria
N&K COSMETICS DEVELOPMENTS LTD.18 (B40-B38)CosmopackBulgaria
NEWNATURAL COSMETICS LTD21N (S8-T7)Green & OrganicBulgaria