Where and when does Cosmoprof take place?

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna takes place in the exhibition district of  BolognaFiere, the exhibition district in Bologna, from 14th to 18th March 2019. Opening times:

14-17 MARCH 2019


  • Contract&Private Label Manufacturing
  • Machinery&Packaging
  • Ingredients&Raw Materials
  • Country Pavilions


  • Cosmoprime
  • Cosmetics&Toiletries
  • Green&Organic 
  • Country Pavilions 


15-18 MARCH 2019


  • Professional Hair 
  • Beauty&Spa 
  • Nailworld
  • County Pavilions 

What are the opening hours?

For Visitors: 9.30 am to 6.30 pm every day
For Exhibitors: 8.30 am to 6.30 pm every day

What is the address of the Fair District?

From March 14 to 18, 2019

- Costituzione (Piazza della Costituzione 5, 40128, Bologna)
Check it on Google Maps


From March 14 to 17, 2019

- Calzoni (Via Alfredo Calzoni 16, 40128, Bologna)
Check it on Google Maps

- Nord (Rotonda Dante Canè, 40127, Bologna)
Check it on Google Maps


From March 15 to 18, 2019

- Michelino (Via Michelino 38, 40127, Bologna)
Check it on Google Maps

- Moro (Via Aldo Moro 20, 40128, Bologna)
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How can I get to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna?


The airport is 4 Km far from the exhibition district. Taxi and car rental is available. For further information www.bologna-airport.it

From Florence, Milan and Ancona:
take the exit “BOLOGNA FIERA” on motorway A14.
From Padua: beltway exit 8 for entrances Nord, Michelino, Moro e parking area Michelino; beltway exit 7 for entrance and parking area Costituzione
For further information:  www.autostrade.it/it/home

Bologna Central Station is only 10 minutes far from BolognaFiere and it is linked to Costituzione (Costituzione Square) and Moro (Avenue Aldo Moro) entrances
Central Station -> Bologna Exhibition Centre  buses 35 -38
Bologna Exhibition Centre -> Central Station  buses 35 – 39

BY BUS        
Bologna Exhibition District can be reached every day with Tper buses 28 - 35 - 38 - 39.
Railway Station -> Bologna Exhibition Centre  buses 35 -38
Bologna Exhibition Centre -> Railway Station  buses 35 - 39
City Centre <-> Bologna Exhibition Centre  bus 28
For further information:  www.tper.it/percorsi-orari/servizio-bacino-di-bologna

Which entrance should I use?

Each entrance is provided with ticket offices for the purchasing of tickets that give access to Cosmopack, COSMOPerfumery&Cosmetics e COSMOHair&Nail&Beauty Salon.

15-18 MARCH:




16-19 MARCH:


Where is the map of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna?

The download of the map will be available soon.

Are there parking areas near the Fair District?

You can find parking areas for visitors in the neighborhood of the exhibition district entrances, and the price per day is about € 20,00.
For further information, please contact: Bologna & Fiera Parking S.p.A tel. +39 051 6047681 - [email protected]

Michelino Entrance : P5 Car park  – Multipiano/Multilevel Michelino

Nord Entrance : P5 Car park  – Multipiano/Multilevel Michelino

Calzoni and Costituzione Entrances:  P2 Car park  – Multipiano/Multilevel Calzoni

Costituzione Entrance: Costituzione Car park 

Download the map of parking areas

Which is the entrance for buses?

Recommended entrances for buses: Michelino and Nord

Buses that need a parking place for the whole day can park in the area in front of EST-Michelino entrance - see the attached map.

Click here for the map 

Are there dedicated entrances for disabled people?

By car
Ring road exit 8 – dedicated car parks near Michelino and Costituzione entrances.

Taxi equipped for transporting disabled people:
Cotabo at least 24 h in advance.

Radio taxi service:

Tel. 0039 051.372727 (24h/24h)
Tel. 0039 051.374300 - 8.00 a.m. - 5 p.m. (weekdays only)

Taxi booking service: 
Tel. 051.374300 - 8.oo a.m. – 5 p.m. (weekdays only)

On site:
Hand-pushed means for people with limited mobility are available free of charge at the entrances, they must be asked to the staff. Access to all areas of the district is guaranteed.


Who can visit Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna?

Cosmoprof is an exclusive Business-to-Business fair for the professional operators of the beauty sector. 

How can I buy tickets to visit Cosmoprof 2018?

To purchase Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna tickets you must be registered on our website.

Please register here or, if you have already done it, please log in here 

After accessing your personal page you can proceed with the purchasing online by accessing to the Tickets section. It is necessary to click Purchase online by scrolling down the page or by choosing in the drop down on the left, and then you can proceed by choosing the Purchase your ticket option. 

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets are priced differently if purchased online or on site, as reported on our website at the following link  . The multi-day pass can be used for four or five days.

Why should I buy the ticket online?

  • You save up to 40% compared to the purchasing during the event
  • You receive the [email protected] ticket directly in your e-mail box
  • You save time when you enter the fair, thanks to the entrances dedicated to [email protected] tickets

Which payment methods are allowed?

For the purchasing of the electronic ticket, the following payment circuits are allowed: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Moneta, Postepay and all prepaid cards on the same circuits.

Payments with American Express, Paypal, Bancomat, Wire transfers or other methods are NOT accepted.

I'm already registered but I can’t remember my password, how can I recover it?

To recover the password simply click on Visitors Area  or Log in , then click on Forgot your password? It is necessary to write the email address you used during the registration: here you will receive the original password.

The website does not accept my email for registration, what should I do?

Probably you had already registered in the past with the same email, so you need to recover the password (as in the previous step), and try to log in with the old credentials. If the email is still not accepted, we recommend tyou to try using a different e-mail address.

I find it difficult to purchase the ticket / registering on the website

For assistance during the purchasing of the ticket or for user registration on the website please contact the dedicated call center:

Tel .: +39/041 2719009  E-mail: [email protected]

Monday to Friday: 9.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m. 
Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.


Can I have a ticket refund?

No, the purchased ticket is non-refundable.

How many tickets can I buy with the same e-mail address?

You can buy up to 2 tickets with the same email address.

Are there any discounts for the purchasing of group tickets?

No, the online procedure allows the purchasing of max. n. 2 tickets with a single transaction. There isn't a special price for groups.

Which areas can I access with the ticket?

  • The ticket gives you access to all areas: Cosmopack, Cosmo Perfumery & Cosmetics, Cosmo Hair & Beauty Salon
  • It doesn't give you access to most of the ON HAIR shows
  • Access to Cosmoprime is restricted for certain categories

How can I access Cosmoprime?

Cosmoprime is an area with restricted access, only the following categories can enter:

  • FOREIGN VISITORS: all kinds of visitors, online pre-registered and onsite
  • ITALIAN VISITORS: buyers / distributors, producers, perfumery sector visitors, pharmacists, department store managers, associations, herbalists.

If you belong to one of these categories, the Cosmoprime PASS will be included in the online [email protected] ticket or you will receive it at the ticket office on site.

How can I use the Discount Card?

The Discount Card is dedicated to professional operators of the sector who receive, either from exhibiting companies or from partners of the fair, a Discount Card invitation by email or in paper format. To benefit this special rate, the user who receives this invitation must necessarily activate the discount code online. After the code activation, the visitor can proceed with the purchasing of the discounted ticket directly online, or he can print the discount card receipt and bring it to the dedicated cash desks to buy the discounted ticket on site.

I didn’t activate the Discount Card code online, may I use it onsite anyway?

No, to buy the discounted ticket on site it’s mandatory activating the discount code online, showing at the cash desk the receipt of the Discount Card activation.

Foreign visitors: visas and invitation letters

For internal policy reasons, we don’t provide invitation letters. You may try to get in touch with one of our exhibitors to receive a valid invitation for visa purposes. 
Here you can find the exhibitors list.

Are children allowed to enter to the exhibition?

Children under 14 years old can't access the exhibition

Tickets for students and professional schools

The professional schools that want to take part to the fair with a group of students equal to or higher than 10 can buy the ticket at the special price of € 15.00, valid one day per one entry. This special price is reserved to Professional Schools and Universities already accredited at our Organizational office.

The special price dedicated to students who want to participate individually is € 15.00 per person per day. The ticket can be purchased directly at the ticket office showing a declaration of regular enrollment written on the headed paper of the University or the Professional School, or alternatively the university badge certifying the attendance.


Are facilities for people with disabilities available?

People with disabilities interested in visiting Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will pay for the ticket, but they will get a discount. In addition, if verified, a free ticket will be issued to the accompanying person.


1 day: € 25
2 days: € 40
3 days: € 55
Multi-day free pass: € 75

These tickets are not available online because it is necessary to provide documentation on site to certify  the disability. You can choose between:

  • INVALIDITY CERTIFICATE (Civil Invalid / Civil Blind / Deaf / Invalid at Work or Labor / Large Invalid) or Invalid by Service (certificates issued by the Ministry of the Treasury or Ministry of Economy)

It will be possible to buy the ticket at every ticket office; the disabled person will have the priority of purchasing.


The free ticket for the accompanying person is provided if the visitor with disability, Italian or foreign, has a documentation that certifies one of the following requirements:
• 100% disability
• disabled workers from 80% to 100% (equivalent to 100% Disability)
• disabled for Service ascribed to the 1st Category (is equivalent to 100% Disability)
• blind person with absolute blindness or with residual visual not higher than 1/10 in both eyes with possible correction
• deaf person

The free ticket for the accompanying person must be issued together with the purchasing of the reduced ticket. The accompanying person must be at least 18 years old and must be able to provide assistance during the visit (travel, guide or assistance in case of evacuation).

I'm a journalist, how can I apply for accreditation?

Press officers can apply for accreditation in two ways:
preregistration, if they haven’t already registered in the Cosmoprof portal
• log in to their personal area in our website, submitting the accreditation request from their profile page
The registration/application for accreditation will be taken in charge by our press office and will be processed by e-mail.
More information here 

Procedure for bloggers/influencers

Also for Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018, bloggers and influencers interested in visiting the exhibition can apply to participate for free and benefit from a unique experience.
To get accredited and for further information please check the dedicated webpage


Is it possible to buy products at the booths?

It is not allowed to sell/buy products at Cosmoprof, except from Cash&Carry area in Hall 34 and Nail Hall (n.36).

To know which companies are exhibiting please chech the exhibitors list

Which sectors are exhibiting at Cosmoprof?

COSMOPACK (Hall: 15 - 15A - 18- 20)

  • Raw materials
  • Processing&packaging equipment and machinery
  • Primary&secondary packaging
  • Applicators
  • OEM/ODM Contract packaging and private label manufacturers


  • COSMOPRIME (Hall 19)
    • Cosmetics for perfumery
    • Perfumes
    • Natural & organic cosmetics and products
    • Products for face and body care
    • Make-up products
    • Air fresheners
  • COSMETICS&TOILETRIES (Hall 22-22A-22B- 26)
    • Cosmetic products for perfumery
    • Toiletries 
    • Perfumes
    • Make up 
    • Accessories for perfumery shops
  • GREEN&ORGANIC (Hall 21N)
    • Natural & organic cosmetics and articles
    • Products for men
    • Products for children
    • Products for face and body care
    • Products for hair care
    • Make-up products
    • Phytotherapeutic and homeopathic products
    • Air fresheners
    • Perfumes
    • Infusions


  • PROFESSIONAL HAIR (Hall 25-31-32-33-33A-33B- 34-35- 35A)
    • Professional cosmetics for hair stylists
    • Furnishings, accessories and items for hair stylists
    • Machinery and equipment
    • Services
  • BEAUTY&SPA (Hall 32A-32B-32C-32D-37-38)
    • Cosmetic products for beauty salons
    • Machinery and equipment for beauty salon&spa
    • Furnishings and structures for beauty salon e spa
    • Permanent make up
    • Tanning (appliances and products)
    • Aesthetic medicine
  • NAILWORLD (Hall 36)
    • Professional cosmetics for beauticians
    • Furniture, accessories, items for beauticians
    • Machinery and equipment

Where can I find the list of exhibitors?

You can download the list of exhibitors here.

Events&Special Projects


The project aims to make the visitor experience the factory process. During the 4 days of the event  will be analyzed the different phases: design, production, promotion and distribution of a masstige product. Here you can find further information


80 speakers will share their know-how in 20 seminars during which they will discuss topics related to the cosmetics industry, such as the latest trends, winning communication strategies, digital and new developments for the beauty world. The most prestigious trend agencies, the most qualified sector magazines and the main international retailers will offer their point of view in this context. Further information here 


The main themes of COSMOFORUM will be market analysis, specific features of the single sectors, with conferences developed according to vertical themes for each sector. 20 speakers will take part to the event, to collaborate in the realization of seminars dedicated to specific international markets. In addition, two days will be dedicated to the Spa Symposium, an international meeting that brings together leaders and visionaries of the global spa industry. More information will be available from the end of January in the Educational section on our website.


The stage in the service center will host live shows and demo sessions on the 18th and 19th of March in terms of nail, make-up, beauty treatments and massages. More information will be available from the end of January in the Educational section on our website.


Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards reward the best products, formulations, packaging and design of the beauty industry. This award is one of the most prestigious beauty awards at an international level, as it celebrates the most innovative companies in the beauty sector. The companies selected as finalists of the project will enjoy a broad visibility towards buyers and top retailers of the Cosmoprof circuit. The award ceremony of the winning products will take place during Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, on March 16th at 5.30 pm at the Service Center. Here you can find further information 


CosmoprofTrends was launched during the 50th anniversary of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017 and is the new focus for Cosmoprof Beauty Community. Beautystreams, one of the most important international trend agencies, creates a digital guide to the trends of Cosmoprof 2018 evaluating the innovations of the exhibitors of the event. The complete report will be available after the closing of the 51st edition. The report of the last edition is available here 


This is the area dedicated to emerging young hairdresser from all over Italy. They will perform from 16 to 19 March in Hall 35 to show their inspiration and skills to the press and the audience of Cosmoprof. More information will be available on our website in the next weeks.


Also this year the appointment with the world of barber is confirmed. On March 16th and 17th, at Mezzanine Hall 25-26, there will be in-depth analysis and business meetings, while on 18th and 19th March the shows dedicated to men's hairstyles and beard care will be presented on the catwalk. More information will be available on our website in the next weeks.

For the second edition of the Spa Symposium, scheduled for Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March 2018 within Cosmo Forum, international experts, trend setters and the most influential trade magazines will present issues of interest to the operators of the Spa&Wellness and the specialized companies. More information is available here

To the charity initiative of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will take part 19 exhibiting companies, who will make their products available at a symbolic price. The proceeds will be donated to the Romagnolo Scientific Institute for the Study and Treatment of Tumors (IRST).

Hair shows are back, with the most prestigious teams and their cutting-edge performances. The main companies and artistic teams will present their collections at the Palazzo dei Congressi / EuropAuditorium, with an audience of more than 1000 operators of the sector. The On Hair Collection, scheduled for March 18th and 19th, will host the Class Hair Academy, Schwarzkopf, Hair Company, BH Salon and Wella teams, who will present their latest news and trends in exclusive shows dedicated to professionals of the hair sector visiting Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and coming from all over the world. In the Europauditorium where the ON HAIR COLLECTION shows will take place, it won't be possible to bring trolley and baby stroller. Please find more information here 

ATTENTION: most of the events scheduled during Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna are admission free and they are subject to availability. The ON HAIR COLLECTION shows will only be accessible by invitation, while for COSMOTALKS and the SYMPOSIUM SPA, pre-registration is mandatory, as the number of seats is limited. We also recommend pre-registration for the COSMOPACK FACTORY, to be able to collect the products you have booked.



How can I book an hotel to stay in Bologna?

The organizers of Cosmoprof, in partnership with Bologna Congressi CONVENTION&TRAVEL (BolognaFiere’s travel agency), can offer you various solutions for your accomodation.
Please find details of all the available offers on the city’s official tourist website, www.bolognawelcome.com

Contacts: Bologna Congressi SpA
Piazza Costituzione, 5/e – 40128, Bologna
Tel: +39.051.6375111 Fax: +39.051.6375149
Email: [email protected]

Where can I find the Cosmoprof staff during the exhibition days?

During the fair the office of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof staff will be located in the Exhibition Secretariat: Service Centre, Block C, 1st Floor.

Which services are provided for visitors?

Info Point, luggage storage, travel agency, snack bar, self-service cafeteria, restaurant, newspaper and cigarette kiosk, first aid, pharmacy, ICE office, banks and ATMs, insurance office, post office, Alitalia office.

Are there any wardrobe and luggage storage facilities?

Yes, the wardrobe and luggage storage service is available at the Nord and Michelino entrances.
On Thursday, March 15th, the wardrobe and luggage storage service will be active only at the Nord entrance.
The price per head / suitcase is € 3.00

Where can I buy the exhibition catalogue?

The catalogue of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018, in printed format only, will be sold at the Info Point at the Costituzione Entrance from the first day of the exhibition.

After the end of the fair it may be required to the following e-mail address [email protected]