The professional schools which will attend Cosmoprof with more than 10 students will be able to purchase tickets at a special price ONLY if they are ACCREDITED by our exhibition office. 

The professional schools which will participate to Cosmoprof with groups of more than 10 students have the promotional fare of €15.00 per student. These tickets are valid for 1 day and 1 entry only.

This fare is available for accompanying teachers too (1 teacher per 10 students)

To be eligible for these promotional fares the accreditation is required.

Check whether your institution is already accredited

• Send an email to [email protected] within 28/02/2018 
• Write in the subject «ACCREDITATION CHECK 2018 - «your School name»»
• Specify in the message of the email the data of the school.

We will reply with a confirmation or a request of documentation for your accreditation.
Once your Professional School is accredited, you may choose between 2 purchasing methods to buy the tickets with the promotional fare:


1. Show up directly on site ONLY at the assigned ticket office «Professional schools» at the entrances MICHELINO or MORO (that have the list of accredited Schools);
Note: on Thursday 15th March, the only assigned ticket office for professional schools will be at CALZONI entrance.

2. Give them the list of students and accompanying teachers on headed paper of the school, stamped and signed by a supervisor; NOTE: The group of students and their accompanying teachers must be present in person at the time of ticket purchase.

3. Make the payment by Credit/Debit card or cash. In the latter case, we reccomend the supervisor of the group to collect in advance the amount of money to be paid.


We reccomend this method in order to save time and avoid queues at the cashier. Please note that this method will be available until 28/2/2018.

1. If you are already registered on Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna website, you’ll just have to log in your reserved area by entering your username and password and select the entry «My Profile» / «Purchase ticket for professional School».

2. If you are not registered yet, we reccomend you to do it as soon as possible to access your reserved area and follow the procedure. You can register by selecting the entry «Professional school – Institution / training agency».  


3. Place the purchase order on your reserved area Effettuare l'ordine di acquisto dalla propria area riservata«My Profile» / «Purchase ticket for professional School»

Send the list of students and accompanying teachers on headed paper of the institution, stamped and signed by a supervisor, to the contacts specified during the pre-sale purchase process;

5. Choose between the home delivery of tickets by express courier (approximate price €25.00) or the pick-up directly at the event by an accompanying teacher, at the assigned ticket office reported on your pre-sale receipt.

6. Make the payment by bank transfer.

The professional schools that won’t be accredited, will not be able to be entitled to the promotional fee.
this reason, they will pay the full price tickets for each student/teacher directly onsite.