Company Sector: Beauty salons

Product Sector: Professional cosmetic products for beauty salons

Country of Origin: Italy

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Exhibition's sector: BEAUTY & SPA

Hall Number - Stand Number:
38 (A13)

AFMA SRL history was born back in 1959 by an intuition of Alvaro Maoggi who, after a past as test driver and preparer of motorcycles, starts the production of motorcycles components. In the seventies the son and the daughter of the founder come on firm and contemporaneously it begins also the experience in the lighting lamps market. The years went by and the bet was won so that actually AFMA SRL is specialized in the illumination for the markets: professional beauty, medical and other innumerable activities. Still today, after so many years, the firm stands out for its maximum attention in the reliability research and meticulous details care, in the constant research of the design and capability to satisfy new requests. According to this philosophy it has been originated the product line for colour therapy, enthusiastically accepted from the worker of all the world, and recently a new product line with LED illumination high power (POWER LED), which guarantees reliability, high performance and life of work with very low consumption of electricity. AFMA SRL exports to more than 50 countries all the world, with special attention for the European, American and Asian market, making use of a distribution system made up of the most important and wellknown sector wholesalers.