Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Professional cosmetics for hair stylists

Country of Origin: Italy

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Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
35 (A19-B24)

Biacré Laboratori Cosmetici Srl since 1971, year of its foundation, has been producing and distributing Professional Products that are indispensable for the best care and beauty of hair: from colour to conditioning or reconstruction treatments to curative and styling products, proposing to the market Professional quality and innovation. Biacré Laboratori Cosmetici has believed in quality and invention since its first years of activity, just think of the success that "CRINOGEL" gel obtained in 1980, as well as that same year seeing Biacré become the first company to propose a gel of an entirely new conception, the "NEW GEL OIL NON OIL". The family-run company is still today managed by its founder Piero Crescioli with his sons Alessandro and Christian. The great passion of the Crescioli family for the sector, with innovations in research and development and the use of advanced technologies, has allowed the Company to produce and distribute Professional Products both in the national and international markets. Keeping the qualitative level high, there has also been great interest in the sector of the Private Label, creating relationships of trust and offering its clients service that is qualified and personalised. In its own laboratory, after accurate controls, raw materials are used that meet strict checks and certifications in line with current Norms, the active agents and natural ingredients are the purest available. Production is carried out and followed with specialised attention, each product fully respects the quality and the environment. Biacré uses 100% Green Energy in its production plant. Biacré is an example of the MADE IN ITALY style, whose mission is to use and propose Professional Cosmetic Products of the highest quality for the beauty and wellness of hair.