Company Sector: Packaging/Contract Manufacturer/Private Label

Product Sector: Primary & secondary packaging

Country of Origin: Italy

Company Web Site:

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPACK

Hall Number - Stand Number:
15A (A5)

Confalonieri matite, an Italian SME placed in Lombardia, has an centuries old history: founded as a chalks and pencils industry, it produces only cosmetic pencils under private label since 1969. Specialized in the development of cosmetic pencils and crayons, starting from that date, the company has become an important reality in Italy and all over the world. The production process, characterized by performing and sophisticated machineries, allows to reach the Confalonieri Matite’s first aim: propose a wide range of textures, colours, shapes and accessories in order to offer to the costumers exclusive finished pencils made upon his special requirements. The company, having always researched a view to finding innovative solutions and formulae which produce quality results and ensure the protection and safety of any user’s skin, has its heart in the R&D division.