Company Sector: Cosmetics & Toiletries

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: Turkey

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Exhibition's sector: COSMETICS & TOILETRIES

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26 (B108)

Going back to 1994, the company began its activities by producing wet wipes in a cylinder box under the brand name Uni Wipes for the first time. This marks a touchstone that created a wet wipes industry, which was a new habit in Turkey back then. The brand became the market leader shortly after that. In the course of time, the company began to produce Uni branded wet pocket wipes, and also produced Uni Extra wet wipes, a first product that reaches to a quality standards of a towel for the first time in Turkey. Putting signature to remarkable accomplishes since 1994 when it was established, the company has been well-known not only in Turkey but in many other territories around the globe. Following the share transfer affected on November 12, 2012, the company joined Eczacibasi Group and since then it has been carrying on with its activities under the name Eczacibasi Hijyen Urunleri. The objective of Eczacibasi Hijyen Urunleri is to produce and offer for sale hygienic products for human health. The motto is high quality and advanced technology supported by maximum hygiene and safety. Being the pioneer with many innovative products, Eczacibasi Hijyen Urunleri is exported to 61 countries today. Eczacibasi Hijyen Urunleri offers a wide product range under brands such as Uni, Uni Baby, Uni Wogi, Unimed, Premax and Selale. Furthermore, it utilises know-how and funds of knowledge, and follows a flexible and collaborative policy to meet and respond do customers’ different fason and brand demands and requirements. It produces wet wipes, shampoo, wet toiler paper, rose water, vaseline, acetone, and cotton swabs in different categories, and there are 130 different products in total. It also offers products for baby care, child care, daily care, cosmetics, domestic care and patient care categories designed to meet different consumer needs in different categories.