Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Costume Jewellery

Country of Origin: France

Company Web Site: www.tema.fr - www.takai-technology.com

Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
33 (E19)

"Precious" and "rare" are words that signify Takai. Our philosophy, expressed by the Takumi label, represents "skill", "aptitude" and "dexterity," the manual qualities that are also those of a creative Artisan hairstylist. We invite you to discover the Universe of High-Technology Japanese Scissors. Our expertise: Between innovation and tradition. Technological innovation for the selection of the best steel, ergonomic design with Computer Aid Design software that digitally reproduces the hand and production of models by digitally controlled machines. Respect for traditional sharpening and polishing techniques, done entirely by hand by our master sharpeners. An ancestral and meticulous technique, Hamaguri sharpening is a succession of 7 sharpening angles for an extreme cutting edge and a unique softness in the cut.