Company Sector: Extraordinary Gallery (perfumery and cosmetics)

Product Sector: Cosmetic products for perfumery shops

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Company Web Site: www.lookx.com

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPRIME - Extraordinary Gallery

Hall Number - Stand Number:
19EG (16)

LOOkX dermo cosmetics Discover the innovations of the future where science meets the power of nature. LOOkX is a dermo cosmetics, cosmeceutical brand with two divisions: LOOkX dermo cosmetics skin care & LOOkX dermo cosmetics makeup. Our goal is to create a true synergy between healthcare and beauty care by combining a dermatologic vision and more than twenty years of cosmetic experience. We apply the most advanced technologies to our products for proven effectiveness, results and safety. Our skin care products contain the most innovative ingredients that work deep into the dermis, in the skin’s own stemcells for fast skin improving results - while protecting the DNA of the skin. In addition to our dermo cosmetics skin care we also offer a wide range of dermo cosmetics makeup. Ordinary makeup can decrease the effect of skin care. LOOkX dermo cosmetics make up strenghtens the effects of skin care by providing protection, hydratation and anti-ageing benefits. With LOOkX dermo cosmetics skin care and LOOkX derma cosmetics makeup you will find a strong combination of science, innovation and high tech skin technology combined with the power of nature. Trying out our dermo cosmetics products means discovering advanced technologies with innovating and caring ingredients. Why is LOOkX different from other derma cosmetics brands: - A trendy, luxury brand in the derma/cosmeceutical division - Clinical percentage of active ingredients - Refill concept for our cleansers & colour cosmetics - Dermo cosmetics skin care and makeup - Range of special active stemcells (cactus fig, coffeebean, tomato, rasberry etc.)