Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Costume Jewellery

Country of Origin: USA

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Exhibition's sector: BEAUTY & SPA

Hall Number - Stand Number:
14 (F25)

DO YOU KNOW YOUR COLOR? You know the color on your nails. You know the color on your lips. But, do you know the color your hairdresser puts on your hair? 9N? 6K? 8B? Where’s the attitude? Where’s the Fashion? Where’s the FUN? Now imagine you are a Roman Goddess®, a Party in Lombardy® or David’s Muse®? With over 100 colorful ways for salon customers to express themselves with hair color, Aloxxi transforms formulas into FUN, interactive salon experiences. The concept of Color Personalities hails from a Professional Beauty Industry icon, OPI Founder and Aloxxi CEO, George W. Schaeffer. Infusing 30 years of passion for color and quality professional products into Aloxxi, Schaeffer has set out to both educate clients about the salon experience as well as highlight the role of the hairdresser as an artist and expert by creating an entirely new way to experience and care for color treated hair.