Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Professional cosmetics for hair stylists

Country of Origin: Spain

Company Web Site: www.abriletnature.com

Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
25 (B62)

abril et nature is a laboratory specialized in the research and development of premium hair care products for beauty salons and stylists. Our competitive strategy is based on the foundation of the quality, innovation and the use of an assortment of the highly effective ingredients to manufacture cutting-edge treatments, advanced to sector demand. We deal with an absolute accuracy all the phases of research, production and putting on the market, in its entirely, just like, the training and after-sales service to our customers. STEM CELLS LINE with bioactive ingredients of vegetal origin to repair the fiber of damaged hair after chemical treatments. Rejuvenation capacity, volume effect, straightening and memory effect of the treatment. KERATIN & NUTRITION are ultra-fast acting treatments which regenerates the keratin structure damaged by use of technical treatments. ADVANCED STYLING incorporating the latest advances in hair fixatives. Long lasting hairstyling, no sensitive to humidity and with conditioners to repair the hair. HAIR DYE AND COLOR LINE: permanent and long lasting hair dyes,dermatologically tested and without p-phenylenediamine. 100 % coverage of grey hairs and excellent hair fibre regeneration (soft texture and shinning). TRICOLOGY: Anti Hair-loss, anti-dandruff, volume and greasy hair treatments with bioactive ingredients to treat the scalp problem at source.