Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Costume Jewellery

Country of Origin: Italy

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Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
31 (A12-B13)

TRICOLOGICA brings beauty to the salon of your hairstylist, revolutionizing the way of operating with the most advanced technologies and professional cosmetics, all designed and produced in Italy, following international trends. Due to an extensive experience within the industry over the years, the company proposes protocols that enhance all the services offered by hairdressers and get personalized results for every need. Working at the same time on wellness and health in a single session, the use of these protocols allows for significant improvements on the skin and the hair well being: increased blood microcirculation allows an anti aging effect on the skin, resulting in hair repair and reduction of hair loss, including facilitating the slowdown of the appearance of white hair along with smoothing action. TRICOLOGICA is proposed to create a single design style that includes among its colouring treatment, make-up and nail repair, for a complete revolution of the total look. The beauty salon is thus transformed into a real beauty studio in which to create a highly unique look, promoting a new way of living characterized by unique services with strong added value. TRICOLOGICA’s in house developed equipment VL-1 Tricologica, exploits in fact all the properties of oxygen as a beauty vehicle along with other ingredients specifically designed and patented, to ensure effective and long lasting results such as: cosmetic colouring, make up, professional manicure and anti aging treatments. The company has also built an in house academy training, specially set up for the implementation of aesthetic operations and optimal management of its business.