Company Sector: Packaging/Contract Manufacturer/Private Label

Product Sector: Primary & secondary packaging

Country of Origin: France

Company Web Site: www.quadpack.com

Exhibition's sector: COSMOPACK

Hall Number - Stand Number:
18 (D51)

Yonwoo Europe is a leading airless packaging company known for innovation and performance. At Cosmoprof, original packaging concepts will be demonstrated at our Yonwoo Innovation Booth, an exclusive area dedicated to Yonwoo's latest advances. Visitors to the booth will be shown the newest additions to the Yonwoo range and will be able to experience Yonwoo's patented sytem first hand. Airless packaging shields formulas from external contamination, increases shelf life and enables the use of less artificial preservatives. Dosage is accurate and waste minimal, as all the product is actuated, while Yonwoo's Check Valve system prevents seep-back after use. Yonwoo Europe is a joint venture between Quadpack Group and Yonwoo Korea.