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Product Sector: Nail reconstruction and artificial eyelashes

Country of Origin: Poland

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36 (M2)

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NAIL FACTORY cosmoprof worldwide bologna Courses. As a company of 18-year old experience in our offer we prepared a set of nail design courses. Being taught by world’s biggest champions such as Trang Nguyen, Tammy Taylor, Tom Holcomb and many more throughout those exquisite years, we have learned not only the techniques themselves but their improvement and faster work as well. We are generally against running courses in groups as better knowledge is gained while working one-on-one and that is the way we run them since the very beginning of our company. What can you learn? The theory part consists of: health, safety and hygiene skills, nails anatomy and diseases, product knowledge (all existing products available on the market), technical background knowledge and all necessary business skills and marketing techniques in creating your own persona or company. The practical part consists of: disinfection and sterilization process, manicure, pedicure, nail decoration based on all available decorations in the market, both gel and acrylic where – on the form sculptured nail ( pink and color), French, filing, efficient use of materials, safe work environment, nail bed extension, reconstruction of destroyed nails, one-stroke. That was the offer for those who start their adventure with nails but when you are on an advanced level we offer highly professional training after which you become an International Trainer and become an instructor for others yourself. While course students work on prepared materials beginning with a special course book, ending on materials – cosmetics from which the nails are made of. The Bass Cosmetics products are of an American components and prove their quality while working. For those after a training each student gets a discount and one is a souvenir. We have taught thousands of people in Europe and from what is told we are definitely one of best that can be found and we definitely are professionals with capital ‘P’.