Base One

Base One cosmoprof worldwide bologna

Brand or Product Sector: Nail

Product Sector: Nail reconstruction and artificial eyelashes

Country of Origin: Poland

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Exhibition's sector: NAILWORLD

Hall Number - Stand Number:
36 (P14-Q13)

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Base One cosmoprof worldwide bologna Silcare was created from a fascination of nail styling and guided by the vision of creating a professional and quality cosmetics. One of the main line is BASE ONE, is the flagship product line SILCARE, addressed mainly to customers who appreciate high quality and a low price. BASE ONE is a single-phase gel medium destiny, thanks to modern recipe characterized by superior adhesion with skins and satisfactory self-leveling properties. It perfect fit to build the nail on tips and the template. The BASE ONE line includes: Base One builder gels, Base One Color stimulate the imagination of modern palette and timeless colors. The line includes: Base One Artisto, Base One Pearl, Base One Metallic, Base One Glitter, Base One Pastel, Base One Galaxy, Base One Neon, Base One Matt, Base One Pixel, Base One Mystic Aurora, Base One Las Vegas, Base One Aroma, Base One Thermo Focus New, Base One Glass, Base One Black Diamond, Base One Chameleon, Base One Cat Eye, Base One Magnetic Chameleon, Base One Perfumelle, Base One Paint. Primer Base One is an acid-free and high-quality liquid increasing adhesion of gel or an acrylic mass to the natural nail by degreasing and de-acidification it. The Silcare company have in assortment as well Cleaner from the Base One line. It is a professional preparation for extreme degreasing natural nail plate. After application effectively removes all grease from the surface, which increases the adhesion of acrylic or gel.