Company Sector: Hair salon

Product Sector: Professional cosmetics for hair stylists

Country of Origin: Italy

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Exhibition's sector: PROFESSIONAL HAIR

Hall Number - Stand Number:
35 (B70)

MAXXelle is a new and dynamic Italian brand, created in 2010 by a family company of two generations of cosmetics entrepreneurs, which establishes itself in the professional hair care sector, immediately orientated towards a production with strong natural connotations. Products, and cor-porate philosophy focus on the concept of Natural Hair Care Attitude and have evolved over the time to adapt to the increasingly “green” needs and demands of both professional hairdressers and consumers. The company ethical com¬mitment to a new concept of sustainable beau¬ty is also reflected in the choice of pack¬aging. Indeed, MAXXelle products adopt certified Compostable packaging, meaning that they biodegrade naturally in the environment without leaving any toxic residue and in a time frame that is 95-99% less than standard plastic degradation times. MAXXelle's relationship with their clientele has always been founded on direct contact and per-sonal involvement, focusing on prompt, clear and effective communication, which allows us to meet to any customer's needs immediately. The company Academy organizes training programmes in keeping up with the trends of the moment, dedicated to both tech¬nical and commercial personel, opportunities for fruitful encounters that create a climate of collaboration which increasingly consolidates the special bond between the company and their clients. MAXXelle operates in Italy through a consolidated distribution network including direct agents and exclusive dealers, while in foreign countries, has established profitable collaborations with importers and local distributors, who can count not only on the company dynamism in terms of new product development, but also on the full support for marketing and training initiatives supplied with the necessary materials.

The Brand

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