Company Sector: Packaging

Product Sector: Primary & secondary packaging

Country of Origin: Italy

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Exhibition's sector: COSMOPACK

Hall Number - Stand Number:
20 (B35)

Arca offers complete solutions for labeling and laser marking applications, specifically designed for the beauty industry: - self-adhesive labels created using any print system and digital technology, ideal for contained runs or split into many variations. Seal and anti-counterfeit labels (holographic, serialized and using security inks). Multipage and multilayer “ingredient-lists”. Braille labels for special uses in this specific sector. - labeling machines that can be integrated in any pre-existing production line and equipped with all features specific for the cosmetics sector; such as lined product collection areas and "air blow" applicators, avoiding any contact with packages (ideal for preserving their format). - complete product handling systems (automated or semi-automated) designed for the labeling and laser marking of flat and formed cartons, monodose strips, pencils, lipstick, cosmetics and make-up containers and perfume bottles – including irregular or conically shaped. - “Product Validation” devices, using optical sensors for correctly labeled products, effective printing / variable data marking checks, effective removal of incorrectly applied labels, labeling check and correct positioning. - Fiber and CO2 laser markers for the direct, indelible, discreet and elegant encoding of cosmetics packaging. Arca’s offer also includes logistics solutions: - software and optical devices for tracking unit items and multi-packs; - labels for packages and thermal transfer ribbons; - etichettatrici “print and apply” labels for applications on unit packaging, boxes and pallets. A tried, tested and proven combination of machinery and consumables, guaranteeing “turnkey” solutions and perfect compatibility for all system components.