Company Sector: Green/Organic

Product Sector: Cosmetics and itemes of Natural & Bio origin

Country of Origin: Poland

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Exhibition's sector: GREEN & ORGANIC

Hall Number - Stand Number:
21N (P7)

BodyBoom is one of the fastest growing producers in the European cosmetic industry that is renowned for its innovative No. 1 COFFEE SCRUB based on the combination of robusta coffee and many natural ingredients. Shortly after appearing on the market it became an unquestionable leader in this product category. The unique grained structure makes it even 5x more efficient than other standard scrubs available on the market. BodyBoom Coffee Scrub is the answer for the most common women problems: cellulite and stretch marks. It perfectly smooths the body and leaves the skin beautiful and moisturized like never before. BodyBoom is the combination of fondness for beauty, care of details and sophisticated solutions. It is the mixture of carefully chosen components and heavenly delightful smell. BodyBoom is more than just a brand - it is love from the first sight. Thanks to its superior quality and innovative marketing strategy BodyBoom has conquered the hearts of thousands of clients around the world and was appreciated by most influential beauty bloggers and international magazines. BodyBoom has been honoured with all of the most prestigious awards in the cosmetic industry (InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2017, Women’s Health Product Of The Year 2017, Cosmoprof 2017 North America Las Vegas Trendsetter Picks, Doskonałość Roku Twój Styl 2016, 2017, Glossy Product 2016, Ekomersy 2017 - prize for the best stores in the e-commerce industry in Poland). In 2018 BodyBoom will expand its assortment with other high-quality, natural cosmetics, including face cream, body lotion, scrub for pregnant women, lip balm, shower gel, face scrub and hand cream. Nowadays, BodyBoom products are available in over 20 countries in hundreds of drugstores, shops and other sales points (Douglas, Rossmann, H&M, Marionnaud, Super-Pharm, Debenhams, Harvey-Nichols, Whites, Di Beauty&Care, Ahlens, Monoprix) and the popularity of the brand grows each day.